The Best Smiles at the Oscars

February  2016 / 26 No Comments

Best Male ActorAt the Oscars, everyone will be talking about who is wearing what, which is why I want to talk about a celebrity’s most important accessory on the red carpet: their smile. Seriously, it makes or breaks a photo, therefore I was excited to find a survey that ranked the smiles on some of the most popular celebrities.

Leonardo DiCaprio may or may not go home with an Oscar this year, but he just won a different honor, the competition for best smile, according to the survey by Invisalign, the clear aligner system.

DiCaprio’s grin beat out the other best actor nominees, including Matt Damon. 

A “Joy”-ful Jennifer Lawrence won the honor among the best actress nominees, with Brie Larson in second and Cate Blanchett in third.

Looking back at past nominees, Halle Berry and Denzel Washington were named as having the best award-winning smile from the past 15 years. Berry and Washington beat out all other nominees including Reese Witherspoon, Julia Roberts, Matthew McConaughey and Jamie Foxx.

For complete survey results click here.  Best Actress

So what do you think does Leonardo DiCaprio really shine his pearly whites better then Matt Damon does?  How does Jennifer Lawrence’s “Leading Lady Smile” compare with other actresses?

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