This could be…the best thing I have ever seen…

January  2016 / 8 No Comments

Watch…. Tell me you don’t love this on every kind of level. #Obsessed #Beyonce


I find it funny that even just a year ago, the general public would have not even known about SpikeTV. Lip Sync Battle has made this network alive, and fresh. This clip alone brought millions to the show with the reblogging, and social media chat around it. After all, when you throw Channing Tatum in a bra, and bring out Queen Bey herself, you may not just be attracting their typical men demographic.

Beyonce shows up for about three and a half seconds, and boom, internet breaks. #LOVETHIS


Sidebar- I would like to be Chrissy Teigen’s best friend. Someone make that happen.


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